Student Reflection

  1. Two things that I have done well this year are handing things in time and always ready to work. Working hard and putting lots of time and effort into my work.
  2. Two areas that I need to improve on are studying more and ask questions if I need help and editing my work.
  3. My goals for the rest of the year is to improve on the honor roll list and get high marks.
  4. My goals for becoming a better learner is to study more and ask help from teachers.

Adult Response

In looking at your work, I would like to compliment you on:
your good work, its very unique.

I can help you reach your goals by:
remind me to do my homework and always study for your test and quiz. Never forget to do homework.
-Thelma Ochoa


Parent Quiz

Question 1 Probability


Question 2 Measures of Central Tendency


Question 3 Algebra Problem Solving


Question 4 Pythagoras


Parent Information


Theoretical probability is the chance of an event happening as determined by calculating the mathematical result and experimental probability is the chance of an event happening based on repeated testing or observation.
The Experimental Probability and The Theoretical Probability.
The difference between these too, is that experimental is what actually happens and theoretical is what should happen.

Measures of Central Tendency




Great Big Book Of Algebra


Math Test




2 Minutes To Make A Difference

Poverty Presentation

Poverty Essay

Poverty Essay

Pay It Forward


Language Arts

Famous Birthday Reports

tracyashley.jpg Ashlee Simpson tracyaaron.jpg Aaron Carter tracymichael.jpg Michael Jordan
Did you improve with each report? Why or Why not?
I stayed the same with my first and last report. My second report I went down by two marks. My first report was on Ashlee Simpson and I got 32/40, which I thought was pretty good for my first famous birthday report. My second report was on Aaron Carter and I got 30/40 which was my lowest mark that I got through my other reports. I made a few mistakes that made my mark go down. But for my third report on Michael Jordan I went up by two and I got the same mark as my first report 32/40. Each time, I do my best to improve and make each report better. Most of my errors are editing, grammar, proof reading, vocabulary and spelling. The part I think I improved the most on is my proof reading and my conclusion.

What area do you do well?
The area I think I do well in is proof reading my work. When I'm done typing out my report I never forget but to proof read and spell check if their are any spelling mistakes. Before I would always do it but, I would always leave some few errors behind. I think proof reading is a really big part of doing a report because if you don't proof read you will have many mistakes and it won't make your report good.

What can you improve?
I know that I could improve in many areas. For example on spelling and organizing my ideas. I think I can also improve on adding more ideas and making sure where to put punctuation's in the right place. Some areas that I could improve on, where mostly every one does too are editing and grammar.

The Outsiders Newsletter


Famous Hockey Player / The Hockey Sweater Project

For my famous hockey player report, I researched Wayne Gretzky. After the hockey report, we had to make a 3D project about the person we researched on. I created a hockey sweater with words on the front and back of the sweater describing Wayne, special dates, events, information, accomplishments and important people to Wayne. It took me pretty long to put it together because I still had to paper mache it. Then I had to wait until it got dried, after I put construction paper and I cut out designs. Lastly, I paced on all the important text about Wayne in the front and back of the sweater.

Attractiveness: 5/5
Creativity: 5/5
Neatness: 5/5
Content/Info: 5/5
Effort: 5/5
Total: 25/25 Comments:
Michelle: Good Job! I like how you made your hockey sweater! :) I also like how there's alot of information and its really neat. Good job again!
Nichole.SR: Your project was really neat and creative and had good info.
Ms. Lee - Excellent work, Tracy. Very creative.

Social Studies

Cartoon: Legend of Osiris


Personal History Timeline




A Day in the Life of a Cro-Magnon

A Day in the Life of a Cro-Magnon

Map of Egypt


Mummification Phamplet




Presentation about Ancient Rome Technology and Inventions

Presentation about Ancient Rome Technology and Inventions

Egypt Photostory



I chose my "Analogical Design Structure" because I love how I coloured my title page. I put a lot of effort in it.


I chose this piece of art because I like how I drew everything. How I chose what to draw for each square. The colour's I put in this was nice.
I chose my "still life" because the things I drew in the picture are very important to me. They all mean something important to me, I also chose this piece of art because I like how I put a lot of value into the drawings,

Practical Arts


Maeddah, Hanbit, Gelli and Me.
Krissia, Gelli, Hanbit, Me, Arielle, Maeddah, Sutchai, Michelle and Carrie.