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Willie O' Ree born on October 15th in Fredericton, New Brunswick known for being the first African America to play ice hockey Willy is also known as the Jackie Robinson of ice hockey. Half way through his 2nd year as a minor-league season with the Quebec Aces Willy was called by The Boston Bruins to replace an injured player. Willy is 95% blind in his right eye because of a puck ht him there 2 years earlier with that injury he only played 2 games in 1961 and played 43 games in 1958. In the U.S the racist remarks were worse than in Montreal and Toronto. In U.S the fans would yell 'Go back to the South' and ' Why aren't you picking cotton'. But Willy didn't care all he wanted to do was play hockey and if anyone didn't like that too bad for them. there were no other African hockey players until Mike Marson he was drafted to the Washington Capitals in 1974. In the early mid-2000 there were over 17 black hockey players in the NHL. Willie O'Ree lives in Berkeley, California. The Those in attendance included a busload of friends from O'Ree's hometown of Fredericton. Two days earlier, the City of fredericton honored him by naming a new sports complex after him. These are some awards and honors the Willie got WHL Second All-Star Team in 1998, Lester Patrick Award in 2000, order of new brunswick in 2005, Willie O'Ree Place Fredericton arena, dedicated in 2008 and order of canada ( 2008)



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