Student Reflection

Two things I have done well this year are: my social studies tests and science tests
Two areas that I need to improve are: my math assignments and math blog
My goals for the rest of the year are : improving on my math and LA
My goals for becoming a better learner are: pay more attention in class

Adult Response

In looking at your work, I would like to compliment you on:
on social studies and science the way you wrote those essays

I can help you reach your goals by:
Reminding you to do your math blog



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Parent Quiz

Question1 Algebra
Question2 Probability

Question3 Pythagoras

Question4 Measures of Central Tendency

Measures of Central Tendancy


Scribe Posts:


2 minutes to make a difference Movie Project:

2 minutes to make a difference Essay:

2 Minutes To Make a Difference

Pay it Forward Math Post

Language Arts

Famous Birthdays:

On my three famous birthdays I chose Bernie Mac for my September/October, Tiger Woods for my November/December, and Jackie Robinson for my January/Febuary reports. I didn't improve in these three reports because every time I didn't have a strong conclusion and opening sentence. If I could do all these reports again I would have put more sentences in the opening paragraph and not end my conclusion suddenly instead I would of put in some more sentences reminding the reading why the person was famous then I would conclude the report.

Outsiders Newletter

This is my Outsiders newsletter. We were doing this because we just finished watching and reading the the Outsiders book and movie. My favorite part of this assignment was writing out the news paragraphs because I had to be creative when trying to be Ponyboy, Johnny, and the news reporter. I think the hardest part was finding the pictures because the sites wouldn't give the right pictures I was looking for.

Hockey 3D Visual

external image
external image

For my hockey 3D visual I chose a shoebox-icerink about Bobby Orr, a hockey defenceman who played for the Boston Bruins. We had to make a 3D visual because we just finished making our hockey report. I chose to do a shoebox because I thought it would be a bit challenging because I had to draw the hockey rink myself. I thought the hardest part was finding the shoebox because it had to be the right side.

Peer Evaluation

Joseph: Try to make it neater!! =P
Jeff: It nice
Jayden: You should have added some colour, but good job
Self Comment: I should've decorated the box

Bobby Orr Hockey Report:


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Social Studies

Social Movie Project:


Rome Presentation



Practical Arts


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