Student Reflection

Two things I have done well this year are phys ed and sports. I have accomplished everything that I needed to do in basketball during the season and we ended up winning the provincial championships.

Two areas that I need to improve on are finishing my work on time and to use class time wisely.

My goals for the rest of the year are to be more cooperative with others, study more often for tests, and to get my grades up.

My goals for becoming a better learner are getting my work ahead of time, working on my own, and staying more focused in class.

Adult Response

Dear, _
In looking at your work, I would like to compliment you on:

I can help you reach your goals by:


Parent Information

Dear Ronnil,
You need more time to study your lesson and do your homework regularly . Next time concentrate on your school and less chatting on the computer.
I can help you reach your goal by encouraging you more to work harder in school. I will help with everything you need.

Parent Quiz

Question 1 Probability:


Question 2 Measures of Central Tendency:


Question 3 Algebra Problem Solving:


Question 4 Pythagoras

Measures of Central Tendency




Great Big Book of Algebra




Algebra Test 2. I got 17/17 on this test and here is one of the questions I got right.

2 Minutes To Make A Difference


Movie Essay


Social Studies

Legend of Osiris part 1
Legend of Osiris part 2
Personal Timeline

Stone Henge
Cro-Magnon Story
Map of Egypt
Mummification steps 1, 5, 6
Mummification steps 2, 3, 4

Canopic Jars: Jackal
Ancient Egypt Test 1
Early Humans Test 2

Practical Arts


Me cleaning the screens for graphics. EXTRA MARKS !

Phys Ed


Language Arts

Beyonce Knowles
LeBron James
Julius Erving

In the first famous birthdays we did I got a 19/40. I think it was because I had a lot of grammar errors and things werent orginized very well. On the second one i got 31/40. That's pretty good but I think i got a lot more room for improvement. That one I had a few words that were missing im some sentenses.
I think that I improved a lot from the first one maybe because I had 3 of my friends to edit my word for me and I guess it paid off. Like I said there are a lot of room for improvements. I know I could've done much better but maybe the lack of time just ran out doing all other homework and doing sports. But I know that a lot of people do sports too and they get their homework done so there's no point of me getting it done too. I just dont know how to split my time between sports and school. Next time I will do homework first and then sports after. I could improve my marks by spending a lot more time on my work, putting more effort than I usually do.


The Outsiders book was about three main 3 Greaser characters, Ponyboy Curtis, Johnny Cade, and Dallas Winston. Together, ponyboy and johnny got into trouble with their city rivals, the socs. Then one day pony boy came home late so darry got mad and he ran away with johnny and they lived in a church for a couple of weeks. Then Dallas finds them and tells them to go home and then they go back to the church and its on fire. They saved the kids but got burned then they went to the hospital, later on the rumble started, they won and johnny dies.

Attractivenes 5/5
Creativity 4.5/5
Neatness 5/5
Content/Information 4/5
Effort 5/5
Total: 23.5/25

Sutchai: Good job! very neat! But where's his name?
Carrie: I love what you did for your 3d visual, very neat and created! Like what Sutchai said, where is his name?
Brenden: It's cool but next time put the name.
Jayzie: I love the outside part, but you could've put more details in the inside.
Ms.Lee: Excellent work! I can see the effort you put into this project.

Overall I think my project was great. Like what my group said it was neat, very well done and orginized. I agree with them because I did put a lot of time into this project because I really wanted to be creative like what Ms.Lee said to do. So, I came up with this idea but i wanted the top part (roof) to split in half when it opens. but i had no idea on how to do that so Ms.Lee just came up with that idea, thanks to her (y). That's is the best i could make it right now but I think i could've done a better job if we had more time to do it.




I chose this picture because I really like how
I drew my little brothers hand. It kind of looks
like it but I think I could of done much better.
I chose this picture because this is the time
that I could draw anything at the start of class
for 5 minutes. It shows what I do for 5 minutes.
I really like how I drew Hello Kitty but I kind of
rushed on it.
I chose this picture because I like how the
square goes over, behind, on front, of the continuous
square. This is not the best drawing but I like
what I did. Maybe next time I could make a better one.