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Adult Response

Dear Michelle,
I'm looking at your work, I would like to compliment you on:
Keep up the good work, you can do better than that. Excellent!!!!!!

I can help you reach your goals by:
understanding and giving you all the best and moral support.

Language Arts

Famous Birthdays.

Zac Efron
Natasha Bedingfield
Lauren Conrad

For these Famous Birthdays, I have improved on each one every time. The first one that I did was Zac Efron. I didn't really do pretty good on that report. I got 25/40. I realized the bad things that I did on that report so I improved on my second report on Natasha Bedingfield. I got 30/40. I noticed the things that I didn't do pretty good on was that I put all my questions on my second paragraph and answered them. My third report was on Lauren Conrad. That famous birthday was the best one that I did. I got 32/40. I did try very hard on making that one better than my last one so I could make it better. I noticed that I improved on each famous birthday that I did and I hope to continue doing that.


Hockey Sweater Report/3D Visual:

Have you ever passed by a coffee shop , wondering who is the person that created it? I have. Passing by Tim Horton’s made me wonder a lot more often about who he was, what happened to him, and how was he like. Well, Tim Horton is a man who was born on January 12 1930, in the Lady Minto Hospital in Cochrane, Ontario. His father, Aaron Oakly Horton was English and his mother, Ethel Horton was Irish. He also had a brother named Gerry Horton.

Tim Horton died in a car crash on February 21,1974 at the age of 44. He was just heading back to Buffalo until he lost control and hit a curve. His car flipped and he was not wearing a seat belt. Tim Horton was said to be dead at the closest hospital. Police officer indicated Tim Horton speeding. People have stated that Tim Horton drank an amount of vodka and there was rumors said that he took pain killers for his injured jaw. Before his death, Tim Horton partnered up with Ron Joyce, then after his death, Ron Joyce took over the operations and spread the chain into a multi-million dollar system. Now, to this day, there is about 2700 Tim Horton locations all over Canada.

Tim Horton was a great hockey player. He played 22 seasons in the NHL. People credited him for inventing the slap shot. Tim Horton appeared in seven National Hockey League All-Star Games. Tim Horton was known for his strength and calmness under pressure during games. He played in several teams. He played the most seasons for the Toronto Maple Leafs.Tim also played for the New York Rangers, Pittsburg Peguins and the Buffalo Sarbes. After he played for the New York Rangers, Pittsburg Peguins and the Buffalo Sarbes, he went back to playing with the Toronto Maple Leafs. When he went back to play with the Toronto Maple Leafs, the team won four stanley cups. Tim Horton was in the Hall of Fame in 1977. He was also a honoured player.

I think that Tim Horton a negative man because he was drinking and driving which caused him to die. But, on the other hand, he was a hard working hockey player that was always focused during his games. I think and hope that kids may look up to Tim Horton and notice that they can be as good as a hockey player as he was with all of his accomplishments.

3D Visual

3D Visual Peer Evaluation
Project belonging to: Michelle Bale
Brief description of project: Toronto Maple Leaf sweater of Tim Horton
Group evaluation by: Tracy, Nichole SR, Tiara, Nicole N, Ben

Attractiveness 5/5
Creativity 5/5
Neatness 5/5
Content/Information 5/5
Effort 5/5
Total: 25/25

Tracy - Good job! I liked how you wrote all your information in and how it's so neat :)
Ben - It's good (y)
Nicole: Great job. I liked how you make the shirt it was very neat and organized.
Nichole - Your project was really creative and neat :)

Self-Evaluation: I thought that I did a pretty good job but it would've been better if I made it more 3D like. Well, next time, if we did something like this again, I will know what to do. :)


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Parent Information

Measures of Central Tendency


Pythagoras Video 1

Pythagoras Video 2:


Parent Quiz

1.) What is the nucleus?
2.) What is the secondary defense system?
3.) Arteries and veins are connected by_?
4.) What forms blood clots?
5.) What is the largest artery in the body?
6.) What is ROYGBIV?
7.) What contains the genetic information or DNA?
8.) What type of cells fight germs and infections?
9.) What happens when blood enters the lungs?
10.) Are humans one-cellular or multicellular?

Social Studies

Rome Presentation on Inventions/Technology


Ancient Egypt Unit Test
Legend of Osiris
Map of Egypt
Mesopotamia Unit Test
Hammurabi's Code of Law's
Mesopotamia title page
Stonehenge Post Card
How to mummify a person in six easy steps



Practical Arts



Phys. Ed.