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Simon Cowell

Today I am going to talk about the one and only Simon Cowell. Mr.Cowell was born in Brighton, East Sussex, England on October 7 1959. His parents name are Mr Eric and Mrs Julie Cowell. Simon was raised by nannies almost all his life. He has two half brothers and a real brother. He attended Dover College. He also went to boarding school. He started working in 1979 . Then he had two job. The two jobs are Music director and a TV show Producer. Simon’s salary

Mr. Cowell isn’t married yet. I wonder when he is going to get married or maybe he is never going to but he is still dating. He is also a vegetarian. He also never took drugs. He is also the judge of American Idol, British got talent, Pop Idol. He was also the executive-produces of celebrity duets. He likes he job. Simon once appeared on Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Simon loves his jobs.

I picked him because he is a cool guy and he has a lot of money. He has so many show and he does a lot of cool things. He is also a good judge.


Nelly Furtado

Nelly Kim Sarah Furtado was born in Victoria, British Columbia on December 2 1978 Nelly Doesn’t have any sibling. She is an only child. Her culture is Portuguese. She also never took any sort of drugs. Her parents immigrated to Canada during the 1960s. Nelly First sang in Portugal when she was four. She sang with her mother at a church. After that she never thought she was going to be a singer. Nelly Graduated from Mont Douglas Secondary School in 1996 and moved to Toronto. In 2003 She gave birth to a baby girl. The baby girls name is Nevis Furtado.

Nelly Furtado ever thought she was going to be a singer. Over the last few years she wrote about seven songs. She said herself that she loves her job very much. She sang with a lot of other singers such as Timberland, Justin Timberlake and other stars too. One of her hit songs was “I’m like a bird”.

Nelly Furtado is a great singer. She is one of my favourite singers. I like her because she is different from other singers. She doesn’t show of like others do. That is why I like her and I hope you like my project about her.


Taylor Lautner

Taylor Daniel Launtner was born on February ,11, 1992 in Grand Rapids Michigan . He is an native American actor. Taylor Lautner did martial arts since he was 6 years old. He was trained in Holland, Michigan. Then he was put in tournaments. He won most of them.He was a four time champion .He first did a Burger King advertisement in Los Angeles. He began acting in 2001 for a TV show called Shadow Fury. In 2005 he played as Sharkboy in the movie sharkboy and Lavagirl. Then in 2008 he played as Jacob Black in the movie Twilight.

Taylor Lautner has a younger sister. Her name is
Makena. Taylor was going to go to Valencia High School for 2008-2009 but he is taking college classes instead of attending school. He loves playing football and baseball in his free time. He also dances hip-hop and he was also in a jazz dance group.

Taylor Lautner is one awesome actor. He tries his best at everything. He is cool because he started martial arts a very young age and he also acts. I wonder if he can sing also.


I pick these people because i thought that they we a good Role Model for some people.
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