Student Reflection

Two things that I have done well this year are:

Two areas that I need to improve are: My L.A marks and work quality and also My S.S marks and quality.

My goals for the rest of the year are : To try and improve my mark in every class by at least 5%, I know it will be hard but it want to try.

My goals for becoming a better learner: My goal is to study more for tests and also to get all my work done on time and done slowly not rushed.

Language arts

In Language Arts (L.A) we have been working on many different projects and writing pieces and I will now post them in this wiki below this writing.
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This is a picture of my hockey player 3D project that I did based on bobby hull.

This is one of the versions of my hockey player project:
Bobby Hull

The great hockey player bobby hull was born the year 1939 on January 3 in Pointe Anne, Ontario. He played his little league hockey in Belleville. He then played junior hockey for the Black Hawks and the St Catharine’s Teepees in the Ontario Hockey Association. Afterwards he joined the Chicago Black Hawks when he was 18. when he started out on the black hawks he first used the number 16 and then he switched to the number 7 after that he changed into his famous number 9 jersey. The reason he switched the number 9 was in tribute to his childhood idle Gordy Howe. Then he got his chance, the black hawks were going to the Stanley cup. So in 1961 he and the black hawks got to go to the Stanley cup.

Now bobby played with a partner and his name was Stan Makita. Now he and bobby had a trick that they did and that was they went and curved their hockey sticks so that the hockey puck would veer of at strange angles and with his and Stan’s ability to use the unpredictability of the curved blades to their advantage, they where almost invincible on the skating rink.

Then soon Bobby Hull got mad that he had such a low pay even when he was a hockey superstar so he said that he would switch to any team for a $1,000,000.00 contract so the Winnipeg jet’s went and said they would give him a 10 year contract for 1 million that he asked for so he agreed so now bobby hull was on the Winnipeg jets and Stan was there also so when they got and the ice they were called the golden and silver jets, golden because of bobby hulls blond hair and amazing speed and silver because it go’s with gold like pancakes and maple syrup. Because bobby joined the jets he was allowed onto the Canadian team for the Olympics.

These are the sites that I used.

This has been my report on the legendary hockey player bobby hull, I hope you enjoyed the project and the great story of Bobby

These are some of my famous birthday projects that i did in L.A:
Gordan Lightfoot

Gordon Meredith Lightfoot, Jr Born in 1938 in Orillia, Ontario. His parents names where Gordon Sr. and Jessica Lightfoot. When he was ten year old Lightfoot won second place in an amateur show at the Orillia Opera House, sponsored by a local radio station. He sang "Bless this house”. At the age of 12 he preformed in his local church choir and at the age of 13 he would perform on the radio with all the others from the choir Wins first place in his under 13 vocal class at the Toronto Kiwanis Festival, singing Alpine. Lightfoot cuts his first record. His sister Bev accompanies him on piano and they get it on the first try. The school principal plays the record over the school's PA on parent teacher day. soon after Lightfoot begins piano lessons and voice study under Ray Williams in Orillia. After a while he started playing guitar and he would perform some local hits on his towns local radio station. Lightfoot moved to California in 1958.
His professional career dates from 1958 when the CBC hired him as a studio singer, an engagement that led to singing and dancing on Country Hoedown, and several guest shots and public events. In 1963 garden met Brita, soon after he and Brita where married in Sweden.

In 1970 Warner bros hired Gordon, he then soon recorded “If You Could Read My Mind”. The song was first featured in his 1970 album “Sit Down Young Stranger”.
The album did not sell many copies but the song “If You Could Read My Mind”
did so well that they re-released the album titled “If You Could Read My Mind”
Just like the song. With the new name the album reached #5 nationally.

Along with all the other various albums that he created,he now has five Grammy nominations and 17 Juno Awards. he was made an Officer the Order of Canada Governor General's Award, and also honoured as a member of Canada's Walk of Fame. In 2001, Gordon Lightfoot was invited into the CAB Broadcast Hall of Fame on September 7th 2002, Gordon was put into a hospital, during a concert in his hometown of Orillia, Ontario by a burst artery. He underwent emergency surgery and fell into a coma for six weeks. The process of recovery was long, but Gordon has eventualy recovered. In 2004 he went and made a comeback performance as a guest in a concert held for another band His career continued with a concert tour planned for the spring of 2005 and the release of his latest album of original songs.

Comments about Gordon lightfoot
“Gordon Lightfoot, every time I hear a song of his, it's like I wish it would last forever”.
Bob Dylan

I think I did well on this famous birthdays but I think I could of done better.

My Issac Asimov.doc:
Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov was born some time between Oct 8, 1919 and Jan 2, 1920 and died in the year 1992 on April 6th. Isaac was born in Russia to a famliy of millers and he was tought how to speak english but with all his the lesson in english he never got any time to learn Russian. At the age of 3 his family moved to Brooklyn, NY . They became owners of a few candy shops and as a family busness every one at a young age was expected to work at the store for a few years after school and on summer break.

Whene he was five he could read and write english fluently. When he was a bit older he started reading science fiction pulp magazine. When he was 11 he started to try and write his own short science fiction stories. At around the age of 19 he started sending in his short stories to a few scince fiction magazines an after a while of getting some tips on how to improve his writing his writing started to get accepted by most of the magazines he sent them to. he attended some public schools in the area and he attended the boy’s high school in brooklyn.

After high school he applied for the Columbia University and was accepted.
He graduated for Columbia University in 1939. after a few years he went and came back there for a Phd in biochemistry and he earned it in 1948. In World War ll he spent 3 years as a civilian in philidelphea naval yards naval air experimental station. After he spent nine months in the U.S army and getting an honurable discharge. In his short time in the military he became a corporal, because of his typing skills.

He then started writing a lot more and he became a hit book author writing many book including his famous law of robotics “[ 1] A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. [2] A robot must obey orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
[3] A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.
At the age of 72 Isaac Asimov died of an illness. Later on it was revealed that he had contracted AIDs from a blood transfusion when he had his heart surgery. It was only revealed 10 years after his death by his family.

and that is all.
I think for this famous birthdays I could of done alot better but I did not spend as much time on it as I did on the other projects that I was working on.

My Newsletter
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parent quiz

Question 1 Probability

Question 2 Measures of Central Tendency

Question 3 Algebra Problem Solving


Question 4 Pythagoras


my mesures of central tendancy link:
perant information


1) What type of cell has a cell wall?
2)What type of cell has chlorophyll in it?
3) What is the difference between animal cells and plant cells?
4)What type of cells do humans have in their body?
5)What number of cells are in an animal cell?
6)What number of cells are in a plant cell?
7) What type of cells do weeds have
8) How many cells in the human body
9) How do cells duplicate
10) What part of a cell controls its growth

Social Studies


In social studies we have been working on greece and al the difrent aspects of it aswell, from culter to art and from war to peace. we also studied all the diffrent city states of greece from athens to sparta.


In social studies we are curently learning all bout rome from a assistant teacher Mr. Remple(not exact spelling) and we just finished a project on roman warfare that me and 4 other boys worked on for a week and the teacher said we did fairly good job on it. there were 6 groups rise and fall of rome, trade, government, war, tech and the empire.


In skills we are working on spelling and reading books or articals 1 or twice and spectulating about them and writing projects on them and we are also starting to write letters to the author of these articals and we might just send some of them. the teacher has thought about setting up a blog but has not done so yet. we also work on improving our math skills by getting an extra math class.


In music we have been studying the 50s the 60s and now we are starting the 70s.
In music we learned all about different artists (The Beatles, Queen, Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones).
I have also learned about guitars and how to play them. I have also learned so songs on the guitar and IF you ask nicely i may play one or 2 of them. One of the songes that i learned is "Yesterday" by the Beatles and now im learning stairway to heaven by Led Zepplin.


In Art we have been working on patterns.
1) where would we find a spiraling design
2) where would you find a vertabraic design
3) where would you find a radiating design
4)where would you find a clustering design
5) where would you find a branching design
6)where would you find a grid design
7)where would you find a interlocking design

now if you can find all those patterns then i will be impressed but i bet you cant without an example of some of them.

Practical arts


This year in electronics we worked on making a few different mechines but the one that i made was an elcectronic siren and we also learned all the diffrent ways to use a soldiering iron.


In graphics we learned how to silkscreen and also how to use an airbrush and all the diffrent styles of art we can make with it.


in food and nutrition we learned all about cooking and the diffrent hazards to watch out for while cooking.


this year we have not yet taken the clothing and textiles class but very soon we will be starting that class.