Student Reflection

1. The two things that I have done well this year are my reading responses in Language Arts because I have always done very well and always got 5/5 on them. I also did well on my Outsiders Newsletter because I got 39/40. I really took my time and worked hard so that my Outsiders Newsletter would sound and look really good.
2. The two areas that I need to improve on are trying have higher grades in all my subjects and to study before my tests and quizzes come.
3. My goals for the rest of the year are just keeping up with my work and getting better marks each time in every subject.
4. My goals for becoming a better learner are becoming more focused in class, possibly asking questions during class if I'm not sure about something and participating in class.

Adult Response

Dear Gelli,
In looking at your work, I would like to compliment you on:
the work that you have done very well in your subjects. Just keep doing what your doing and keep up the good work.

I can help you reach your goals by:
helping you if you need help in anything. For example, I would help you study for your tests and quizzes.

Language Arts

Christina Milian
Vanessa Hudgens
Alicia Keys

I thought I started off good by getting a mark of 35/40 on my first birthday report that I did on Christina Milian. I made a few errors and spelling mistakes but overall I did very well. My second birthday report on Vanessa Hudgens was not really that improved because I still got 35/40. But then I didn't make as much mistakes as before. Then on my third report on Alicia Keys, I got a mark of 32/40 and I thought I didn't do as well as I did before because I thought I didn't revise it well enough so that I didn't have any errors. So, for my next birthday reports I am planning on doing even more better than last time.

I think the areas that I do well on are drafting and proof reading my work. When I am done typing my report I usually spell check it and read the whole thing over again to see if I have any mistakes. I also think I do well on my transitions and organizing my details into a paragraph. I always remind myself to read over my paragraphs to see if they make sense and if my details flow together.

The things that I think I can improve on are editing my work over to see if I have any spelling mistakes or if one of my sentences don't make sense. I also think that I can improve on revising my work over so that my work can be error-free. In addition, I want to improve more on organizing my ideas and details to a paragraph so that it can sound more better. I also want to catch my reader's attention and make them become more interested into reading my work. So, I want to improve my on writing my introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion even more better than last time. I don't want my reader to think that my work is boring to read, I want to make them think that its interesting and that they can learn something from my writing.

Outsiders Newsletter


Hockey Player Report and 3D Visual

gellimhockeysweaterreport.JPGexternal image 3381979093_4bc4370245.jpg?v=0

3D Visual of a Canadian Hockey Player
Project belonging to: Gelli
Brief description of a project: face (hockey mask)
Group Evaluation by: Arielle, Jordan, Casey, Melanee, Gelli

Group Evaluation:
Attractiveness: 5/5
Creativity :5/5
Neatness: 4/5
Content/Information: 5/5
Effort: 5/5
Total: 24/25

Group Comments:
Melanee: That is very creative... :)
Jordan: Good job Gelli! Looks like you put a lot of time into it.
Casey: It's very nice just like JASON!
Arielle: Super Duper job Gelli! (:

Teacher's Comment & Evaluation: Super work, Gelli! It turned out great! 25/25

I thought I put a lot of effort into deciding and creating my 3D visual. I put in a lot of time and it was worth putting my visual together because I had a lot of fun doing it. But though it turned out looking really nice, neat and organized, I wish I could've been more creative in making the mask look way better and attractive or write the key words in different colours on my visual to look even better.

This was an assignment we did for Language Arts. We read a booklet that was called "The Hockey Sweater". The booklet is about a young boy named Roch Carrier that loves hockey and idolizes Maurice Richard. His team mates in hockey wore the same hockey jersey that Maurice Richard wore when he played hockey. But then one day, his sweater got small and was ripped in many places. So, his mother ordered a new hockey sweater from Monsieur Eaton. When the package came, Roch opened and was very disappointed because he didn't get the hockey sweater he wanted. Instead, he got the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey sweater. Roch didn't want to wear it but then his mother gave him a lecture and so, Roch wore the hockey sweater. When he went to his hockey game wearing the Toronto Leafs hockey sweater, he never got to play. But then he saw that one of this team mates got injured so, he went on the ice to play. But then the referee blew the whistle and told him that there was already 6 players on the ice. Roch became very upset and threw his hockey stick onto the ice and broke in half. Then when he was going to pick up the pieces of his hockey stick, this tall man told him that a young boy never loses his temper on the ice. So, he told Roch to go the church and pray for forgiveness to God. Roch went to church and prayed to God. He also prayed that millions and millions of moths would come and eat up his Toronto Maple Leafs sweater.

After we read the booklet, we were assigned to do a famous hockey report on a famous Canadian hockey player. I did Jacques Plante for my hockey report. We had to research about him and write an essay about our hockey player. I thought I learned a lot about my hockey player and his story really inspired me in many ways.

The next assignment we had to do was making a 3D Visual to go with our hockey report. We had to think about what 3D Visual we were going to make so that it would present our hockey player we did for our famous hockey report. The visual that I thought would represent Jacques Plante was a hockey mask. I picked a hockey mask because Jacques Plante was the first one to introduce it to hockey. To make my mask, I used a balloon because it kind of made the shape of a mask. When I blew up the balloon, I made paper mache. I had fun doing that! (: After, I had to wait until it got dry. The next step I did was to paint it white. Afterwards, I had to wait again so that the paint would be dry. Then, I wrote down the important keywords that would represent my hockey player and then I was officially done. It took a lot of time and hardwork to create this hockey mask. I took my time and a lot of effort so that my visual would come out really nice. I really had a lot of fun doing this assignment. I wish we could do this again! (;


Parent Quiz

Question 1 Probability


Question 2 Measures of Central Tendency


Question 3 Algebra Problem Solving


Question 4 Pythagoras


Parent Information



Theoretical Probability - It is what should happen and the ratio of favourable outcomes to the total possible outcomes.
Experimental Probability - It is what really happens and the ratio of favourable outcomes to the number of experiments.

Measures of Central Tendency




Great Big Book of Algebra




Corrections from 4 Tests

2 Minutes to Make a Difference

Pay It Forward

My Essay


Social Studies

Cartoon: Legend of Osiris

gellimlegend.jpg gellimlegend_(1).jpg

Personal History Timeline



gellimpostcard.jpg gellimpostcard2.jpg

A Day in the Life...Cro Magnon


Map of Egypt


Mummification Pamphlet

gellimmumm1.jpg gellimmumm2.jpg

Canopic Jar

gelllimcanopic_001.jpg gelllimcanopic_002.jpg

Photostory project

Social Presentation: Ancient Rome Government

2 Tests

Test 1:
gellimtest2.jpg gellimtest1.jpg
Test 2:
gellimtest(1).jpg gellimtest(2).jpg


Practical Arts

This is the spaghetti that Tracy, Hanbit, Maeddah and I made in cooking class.

This is the salad we made.
We also made rice in cooking.

We made beef stir fry and vegetables.

Kitchen 1, Maeddah, Hanbit, Me and Tracy (:

Kitchen 1, 2 and one from 4.

us again (:

This is my automatic siren that we made in electronics.


I chose this to show in my eportfolio because I thought this was one of my creative art that I have done in art class. I know that I did very well on this because I recieved a 88 on it. I took a lot of my time and effort to make sure that this would turn out really nice and so it did.

I chose this to show to show on my eportfolio because I thought I should show my hard work that I have done in this assignment.This assignment was called " Still Life". On this assignment we were suppose to draw certain things in real life that would represent us. So, I drew a volleyball, a volleyball gold medal, a camera, a cross country ribbon, an ipod and a cell phone. I took a lot of time to draw this so that it would look organized and look really real on my paper. I thought I did well on this assignment because I recieved an 85 on it.

I chose this to show on my eportfolio because I got a 95 on it. I know I did well because I took my time in organizing my thoughts on to how I should make it look like so that it would look really good. This assignment is called "Analogical Design Structures. In this assignment we had to draw certain things in real life that would involve on looking like, branching, spiral and many more.