Student Reflection

1. Two things that I have done this year are making second on the honour roll, and I've enjoyed the sewing classes. I'm pretty good when it comes to sewing, it's very easy and I love to do it!

2. Two things that I have to improve on are being more organized in ALL subjects, also to study more for my tests and not to procrastinate!!

3. My goals for the rest of the year are trying my best to do great for the exams in June. I still have the music trip to go to, that means I'm missing school, and hopefully I can catch up with everybody else. Finally, to try to keep my grades up to where they are now on the honour roll. My goal is to be the top of the honour roll!

4. My goals for becoming a better learner are to try to stay focused during class because I often get distracted during lessons, and to be more independent when working.

Adult Response

Dear Carrie,
I'm looking at your work, I would like to compliment you on:
- your drawings and pictures, and you did a very good job on organizing your work. I also liked your very very hard quiz, I hardly got anything right!

I can help you reach your goals by:
- Helping you when you are studying, and try to study hard and not to be distracted. I hope you'll be on the top of the honour roll, and congrats on your last term average, I am very proud of you for all your hard work! I loooooove you so much!


Parent Quiz

Probability Question


Algebra Question


Measures of Central Tendency




Parent Information


Theoretical and Experimental Probability
Theoretical Probability is the likeliness of an event happening based on all the possible outcomes.
Experimental Probability of an event is the ratio of the number of times the event occurs to the total number of trials.
The difference between Theoretical and Experimental Probability is Theoretical is based on theory, where as Experimental is practical.

Measures of Central Tendency




Great Big Book of Algebra




Language Arts

Famous Birthday Reports

lil_wayne.JPGLil' Wayne ReportKIKAAYvanessam.JPGVanessa Minnillo KIKAAYparishilton.JPGParis Hilton

Did you improve with each report? Why or Why not? - Yes, I did improve with my January/February report, it went from a 33 to a 35. For my most recent report I went down to a 32 because I had many errors and I forgot to edit my essay. The part that I think I improved the most on, is the body, I have more paragraphs separating different ideas. Also I think that my reports are getting more and more organized each time. What area do you do well?- I think that I do the best at writing the conclusion, when I'm at the conclusion I already know what to say. I never have to think about what I'm writing about because it's right there in my mind. It's never blank, I always have ideas to say! What can you improve?- I know that I have to improve at editing my work, spelling, grammar and punctuation, and when to make a new paragraph. I probably have a lot more things that I need to improve on but I just don't know it yet!

The Hockey Sweater

This is a picture of my 3D visual project. Basically, we had to make a 3D project relating to the person we researched on for our report, I researched Tim Horton. I created a hockey rink with words on the ice that have relation to Tim Horton, some dates, special people and so on. I tried to make it a little bit more creative by making the crowd sort of 'leaning over' to see the ice, I didn't just paste it on completely because I wanted that affect on it.

3D visual of a Canadian Hockey Player
Project belonging to: Carrie Tanafranca
Brief description of project: Hockey Rink with Tim Horton info.
Group Evaluation by: Sutchai, Ronnil, Jayzie, Brenden
Attractiveness: 5/5
Creativity: 5/5
Neatness: 4.5/5
Content/Information: 5/5
Effort: 4.5/5
Total: 24/25
- Mrs. Lee gave me a 25/25 (: Her comment: Excellent Work, Carrie! I love the crowd!
Sutchai's comment: I thought i was very well done! In all areas including creativity, neatness, content and information, and effort.
Ronnil's Comment: That's a very well done hockey rink. It would've been better if you made it big so the crowd looks like there's a lot.

DSC03068 by spmath.
DSC03068 by spmath.

Here is my hockey report on Tim Horton : http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dd5tmn2z_4d8z5vnfb

The Outsiders

Letterpop wasn't letting me sign in, but when I finally got in it said that I didn't have any newsletters. It got deleted -__-" Ms. Lee has the printed copy, I'll try to get it scanned?

Social Studies

Cartoon (Legend of Osiris)


Personal History Timeline




A Day in the Life...Cro Magnon


Map of Egypt


Mummification Pamphlet


Canopic Jar Picture


Photostory Project

Test 1


Test 2


Social Studies Presentation


Parent Quiz

1. What is the biggest artery in the body?
2. What is the part that separates the right part of the heart from the left side called?
3. Name 7 parts of the cell.
4. What gives blood its red color and carries oxygen?
5. What does a plant cell have that an animal cell doesn't?
6. What is the pump in the circulatory system?
7. Name 3 parts of blood vessels.
8. Name one system of the human body.
9. What are some medical advances that enhance the human body's defence system?
10. Which side of the heart receives blood that is in low oxygen?


Phys. Ed

Volleyball, City Champs!
IMG_0326 by spmath.
IMG_0326 by spmath.

IMG_0369 by spmath.
IMG_0369 by spmath.

Grant Park Cross Country race!
IMG_8836 by spmath.
IMG_8836 by spmath.




Practical Arts


2 Minutes to Make a Difference

Pay it Forward - http://spmath84108.blogspot.com/2009/01/pay-it-forward_03.html
Essay for our movie - http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dd5tmn2z_16fdh6wtcq
Google Presentation for our movie - http://docs.google.com/Presentation?id=dhb5ts3g_6g5qpwhcw