Student Reflection

2 things that i have done well this year are:
1) Gotten basically all my stuff handed in.
2) I wrote an awesome story about the kids in my class.

Two areas that I need to improve are: French & Art

My goals for the rest of the year are: to get a 50 in french (at least)

My goals for becoming a better learner are to study more often with peers or adults.

Language Arts


Miles, Giblet, (Tim) Horton was born at the Lady Minto hospital on January, 12, 1930.His parents were Aaron Oakley, and Ethel Horton. He had one older brother named Gerry Horton.

Tim grew up playing hockey in Cochrane, Ontario. He had 2 different backgrounds. His father was English and his mother was Irish. He moved to Toronto to go to St.Michales College and to play junior hockey….but mostly to play hockey.

Two years after he moved he became pro with the Maple Leafs farm team the Pittsburgh Hornets (AHL). He played his first NHL game on March, 26, 1950 but he started to play with the Leafs more often after that. He played on 4 of the 6 original teams. The teams he played for were the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Buffalo Sabres, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and the New York Rangers. The team he played for the most was the Toronto Maple Leafs. Tim was considered the strongest man ever to lace up a pair of skates. Between January, 11, 1961 and February, 4, 1968 Tim Horton had played over 486 consecutive games in NHL with the Maple Leafs.

Sadly on February, 21, 1974 he died in a car crash. He died on his way to Buffalo (His home town) from a practice in Toronto. According to some people he was drunk.

His stats at the end of the year were. GP G A Pts. PIM
1446 115 403 518 1611

In 1964, Tim opened the first Tim Hortons in Hamilton, Ontario. He added some of his own creations to the menu. Tim partned up with Ron joyce. Latrer on Joyce's son married Tim's daughter, returning the Horton name to the company.

Tim had won the stanly cup 4 times, he was ranked as number 43 on the list of best hockey players, he was ranked number 49 on the list of greatest canadians, and he was inducted into the hockey hall of fame.

I think that Tim Horton had a gret infulence on hockey. I don’t really like the coffe or donuts that much…but that’s just me.He was an amzing hockey player but sadly he died.



Fire takes life of 1.....takes hearts of many.....

The young boy Johnny Cade passed away today due to intense 3rd degree burns to his whole body (except for his head). The young boy passed away peacefully in his hospital bed this morning. His last words were to Ponyboy Curtis who could not be reached for comment.

Keith Matthews (or as his friends call him "Two-Bit") had this to say: "Shot man....i promised the guys I wouldn't cry......he was a good kid and now hes gone...." Dallas Winston (or Dally as his friends know him said:


The reason Poor young Johnny had died was because he and another young by named Ponyboy Curtis. He was injured to but he was saved by a leather jacket. Ponyboy and Johnny had both saved several children from the burning fire.One of the people that could be reached about the fire was a young man named Manfred Benton he said (and i quote) "Those kids are no account varmints"

These to young boys will be remembered as heroes forever.

EXTRA Wanted: Dairy Queen Cook -Flexible hours -1.50 and hour -"Spiffy" Uniforms For more information call 1-800-dairy-queen or Come to Windrexville and talk with us Resume Required

Blue Arm chair -31 inches tall -23 inches wide -24 inches deep -We will throw in the ottoman for FREE -Price:12.50$ Call:784-2344 Address: 4325 Picket st.

Formica Cabinet -59 inches wide -30 inches tall -16.5 inches deep -Top is lovely Formica laminate -Sides and structure are wooden -Front id a magnificent high glass wood -Price:29.50$ Call:297-3906 Address 2635 Sutton st.

Today two shows just hit the top of the television charts.The Adams family and Gilligan's Island. We only have time to talk about one today. We are going to talk about the Adams Family. They are a very "interesting" family. Gomez is the head of the house who has a explosive personality. Morticia is a very beautiful but somber women of the house. Uncle fester is Gomez's wacky brother who can make a light bulb glow by putting it in his mouth! Lurch is the Frankenstein like butler who's lines are usually two words like "you rang". Thing is the disembodied hand who helped the family whenever he could. Pugsley was not really all together and the daughter Wednesday was really awkward to be around. The grandmother is known for her witchcraft. You can catch this show and more on ABC at 4:30 p.m. Lately we have been receiving letters about this show so here is some fan mail and some not so fan mail.Here are 3 of them. Wilbur Remington: I greatly in joy this show a lot but it need some more explosions but I'm sure Gomez can cover that! Bobby MC.Burlington: i don't like this show very much....not because its bad acting or anything..but because it needs to be longer so people can enjoy it more. If it were me I would air this show for an hour. You know...two episodes back-to-back. Shelly Whosabat: Wow this show is great I love the fact that Lurch has a simple two word sentence and that Uncle Fester can put a light bulb in his mouth to make it light up. I wonder what he would be like at party's....


Parent Quiz

Measures Of Central Tendency pythagoras_.png Probability_PQ_Question.png Measures_of_Central_Tendency.png



1)What is the largest organ in the human body?

2)What is a type of fluoresent light?

3)What are the primary colors?

4)What makes white light?

5)What is another name for a visible light spectrum?

6)What is chemilumiecent light?

7)What is Incandesent light?

8)What is Biolumiescent?

9)Who was the first person to use a microscope?

10)Who was the first person to land on the moon?

Social Studies

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Practical Arts