Student Reflection

  1. Two things that I have done well this year are getting one of the top two marks in French and having a big improvement in my science mark.
  2. Two areas that I need to improve are: Speaking up and sharing my ideas with the class.
  3. My goals for the rest of the year are to do my work ahead of time, to get higher grades than last term, and to not procrastinate.
  4. My goals for becoming a better learner are to work independently more often, concentrating on doing my best, and to always ask questions when unsure.

Adult Response

Dear Arielle,
In looking at your work, we would like to compliment you on your good grades, your creativity in your art work, your great effort, your outstanding writing, your neatness and organization skills. We can help you reach your goals by good communication, to help you as best as we can with your work, by helping and supporting you in everything you do.


Parent Quiz

Question 1 Probability

Question 2 Measures of Central Tendency


Question 3 Algebra Problem Solving

Question 4 Pythagoras


Parent Information


Theoretical and Experimental Probability
Theoretical Probability is the likeliness of an event happening based on all the possible outcomes.
Experimental Probability of an event is the ratio of the number of times the event occurs to the total number of trials.
The difference between Theoretical and Experimental Probability is Theoretical is based on theory, where as Experimental is practical.

Measures of Central Tendency




Great Big Book of Algebra




Integer Quiz 3




Algebra Quiz/Test

ariellesalgebratest1.jpg ariellesalgebratest2.jpg



Algebra Quiz 2




Algebra Quiz 3


Question Five



Language Arts

Famous Birthdays

Ryan Sheckler
- 38/40
Adam Brody
- 38/40
James Dean
- 36/40
Did you improve with each report? Why or Why not?
Yes, I did improve with each report. My first report was on Ryan Sheckler and I got a 38/40, which I thought was really good. I didn't have too many errors but in my next report, I earned the same mark. My second report was on Adam Brody, my grammar, editing, and vocabulary improved. For my third report on James Dean, it went down by two because I forgot to edit, common errors were made, and I was missing my bibliography. Although, I still think I improved because I'm more prepared for assignments like this and my format for my report also improved. Each time, my reports had gotten easier, better, and improvements were made. Report after report, my work was getting more organized and each time my conclusion improved.
What area do you do well?
The area I do well in is the conclusion. I think I have gotten the idea of how to conclude each report. Now I'm always prepared on what to say and how to reflect, like my thoughts and how well I thought I did. My conclusions grew for each report, it developed with more thoughts in my reflection, and I always have many ideas. I also think the conclusion is the best part of the report because it's like the final act of a play. The conclusion closes the report with a big finale, saving the best for last.
What can you improve?
I think I can improve on editing and revising my reports, making sure it's error-free. I think I can also improve on adding more detail and being more creative with my introductions, so it doesn't bore the person reading my report. I also hope I improve enough to get a higher mark, possibly 100%, it's one my of goals right now.

The Outsiders Newsletter


The Outsiders newsletter was the final project of "The Outsiders" unit. As a class, together we read "The Outsiders" novel, written by S.E. Hinton. This novel is about the life of Ponyboy Curtis and his gang, the Greasers, who had rivalry with the Socs. For our last assignment, we were to create a newsletter about one of the many events that happened in the novel. The event my newsletter was about, was when Ponyboy Curtis, Johnny Cade, and Dallas Winston saved children from an abandoned burning church. I really enjoyed doing this project because I thought it was a great project to end the unit off. I've done lots of editing and revision with the help of many, especially Maeddah. She helped me get everything started and is one of the reasons why my newsletter great turn out. I'm very proud of myself because of the effort I put into this assignment. It was great how everything just fell into place and turned out to be exactly how I wanted it. I hope to continue doing great work in the future.

Famous Hockey Player / The Hockey Sweater Project

ariellethcup.jpg ariellethcup2.jpg
For my famous hockey player report, I researched Tim Horton. Followed by the hockey report, was the 3D visual. The photos above are of my 3D visual of a Tim Hortons cup. The 3D visual was assigned for us to create a 3D project, based on the hockey player we researched, with important words or text about the person on the project. My 3D visual project of a Tim Hortons cup was a simple idea, I thought my project represented Tim pretty well because of his restaurant, "Tim Hortons." The text on the cup are words describing Tim, special events, dates, places and things that might've been important to Tim. If only the due date was extended, my original plan was to create the inside of a Tim Hortons restaurant and I even drew a sketch of how it might've looked like. I wasn't able to create the Tim Hortons restaurant because I didn't have the right size of boxes and I would've needed more time.

The Hockey Sweater also ties into the famous hockey player report. The Hockey Sweater is a story written by Roch Carrier and illustrated by Sheldon Cohen. This story is about a French-Canadian 10 year old boy named Roch Carrier. He loves to play hockey and he idolized Maurice Richard, a famous hockey player who played for the Montreal Canadiens. Roch usually went down to the skating rink to play hockey with his friends. They'd all wear the red, white, and blue jersey of the Montreal Canadiens with the famous number nine on their backs. Roch had outgrown his Montreal Canadiens jersey and it was ripped in several places. His mother sent a letter to Monsieur Eaton to order Roch a new sweater from the Eaton's catalogue. When the sweater arrived, Roch disliked his new sweater because it was the blue and white jersey of the Toronto Maple Leafs. His mother gave him wise advice and it was a perfect fit for him, so he had to wear it. People stared at him and he thought he was being treated unfairly because of his new sweater. He was being disrespectful at the skating rink because he wasn't able to play. The referee then sent Roch to the church to pray to God to ask for forgiveness.
One of the morals are "it's not what you put on your back that matters, it's what you put inside your head." - Mrs. Carrier
The other moral is "making up your mind about something before you try it, won't get you far in life." - Mrs. Carrier


Attractiveness: 4/5
Creativity: 5/5
Neatness: 4/5
Content/Info: 5/5
Effort: 5/5
Total: 23/25

Melanee: It is awesome.
Casey: It looks very nice :)
Jordan: Nice, lots of information!
Gelli: Good job! You did an excellent job putting the information on your cup! Very creative!

2 Minutes To Make A Difference

Pay It Forward



Movie Essay



Parent Quiz

True Or False
1. Red blood cells do not carry oxygen

2. White blood cells fight germs and infections

3. The aorta is the largest artery

4. The right side of the heart is high in oxygen

5. Arteries and veins are connected by capillaries

6. Which system of the body includes the heart, blood, and blood vessels?

7. Which system of the body moves air in and out of the body?

8. What does the nervous system contain?
A) Femur and the skull
B) Stomach, liver, and intestines
C) Brain, spinal cord, and nerves
D) Kidneys and bladder

10. What are the 3 types of blood vessels?

Social Studies



Personal History Timeline




A Day in the Life...Cro Magnon


Map of Egypt


Mummification Pamphlet


Canopic Jar

ariellescanopicjar2.jpg ariellescanopicjar1.jpg

Photostory Project

Introduction Test


Mesopotamia Unit Test


Roman Technology and Inventions Presentaion


Cross Country

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Volleyball City Champions

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IMG_0377 by spmath.




Practical Arts