I think my best projects overall were my famous birthdays and my


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Social Studies

Language Arts

Famous Birthdays

Ludwig Van Beethoven
H.G. Wells
Al Capone
My Famous birthday projects almost always had a good mark. A few were late, and I think my first one on Ludwig, was the worst. My best was the Al Capone project.

Hockey Player Report

Mario Lemieux

I think I did well on this report, as I got a good mark. I enjoyed doing the hockey player report, and it was an interesting topic to research.
W also did a 3D project on the hockey player.

3D Visual of a Canadian Hockey Player
Project Belonging to: Aleksander S
Brief description of the project: A Mini Hockey Sweater.
Group Evaluation by: Renz, krissia, Nicole, Hanbit, Meaddah
Attractiveness: 3.5/5
Creativity: 4/5
Neatness 3.5/5
Content/Information 2/5
Effort 2/5
Total: 15/25
Comments: You could've made it more pretty and colourful - Hanbit
Neater next time! Good job:) - ML
I think it should be better, but good job! - Krissia

"The Outsiders" Newsletter

In term 2 we made a newsletter of a book called "The Outsiders" as an after-reading activity and reflection. You can view the newsletter here .


In skills we did work on homonyms and synonyms. Later we mover onto paragraph forming and article design. For example, we read and responded to "Nine Questions Guys Hate to Answer.", and "The Search for the Perfect Body." In some classes we also worked on extra math work.


In art we did several small units on perspective art, abstract, contour lines, and we also attempted to redraw some pictures and paintings Mr. Maclean put on the overhead.


In Music we had worksheets and tests on music from the 50's, 60's, and 70's. We learned to play Rockin Robin, by Elvis Presley, Yesterday, by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. We are now learning to play Stairway to Heaven, by Led Zeppelin.

Practical Arts


In Drafting we worked on our folders, which held all of our work. We also did airbrushing designs and made t-shirts with word or designs on them.


In elecrtonics we made an alarm that was activated by a switch. We etched the wire designs onto a pc board, and then drilled holes in certain spots. We then soldered components into the holes and had it checked by the teacher. We tested them and mine worked.

Food and Nutrition:

In cooking we made food. The food included Breakfast Bagels, Fried Rice, and Pizza.


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Measures of Central Tendency


Blog Posts

In term 1 and 2 we made a lot of blog posts on google to share and examine each others work.
You can look at them here .